Grozny State Oil Technical University
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Grozny State Oil Technical University
Grozny State Oil Technical University is the oldest oil university in the world. Most of the teaching staff is closely connected to the industry. They are ready to equip students with skills hard and soft required in tech companies. The students enjoy learning in the newly built campus in the heart of the city of Grozny, which has been listed in the top-10 of safest cities in Russia.

The students are offered accommodation in newly built comfortable residence halls. The rooms feature kitchen AC, WI-FI, fridge, and microwave. The content of the courses is designed to prepare students for future jobs with a focus on promoting technologies safe to the environment.

The university has been playing a crucial role in rebuilding the infrastructure of the Chechen Republic and rehabilitating the minds of the local community after two recent devastating war conflicts. We have many success stories towards this mission and now it is time to tell yours.

Strike oil with Grozny Oil Tech!
Preparatory Department
Preparatory Department
In order to study at Grozny Oil Tech, your written and spoken Russian must be good enough for you to fully understand and benefit from your degree course. The Foundation program is offered by the Preparatory Department where students will get at least 1025 academic hours of Intensive Russian language as well as training in basic subjects.
  • Classes usually start on October 1 and finish on June 30. Applications can be submitted throughout the year and if the group of 8 students is formed classes can start any time. ·
  • You will study in a group of not more than 12 students. ·
  • Upon completion, a certificate will be granted to enable the entrance of any Russian university.
  • A place in residence halls will be offered.
Tuition fee for 2023/2024 is RUR 80 000/course
Undergraduate degree (BA)
Environmental Sciences, Engineering and IT
  • Ecology and Nature Management USD 1,508/year
  • Technosphere Safety USD 1,508/year
  • Oil and Gas Business USD 1,928/year
  • Heat Power Engineering and Heat Engineering USD 1,508/year
  • Electric Power and Electrical Engineering USD 1,508/year
  • Architecture USD 1,508
  • Construction USD 1,508
  • Technological Machines and Equipment USD 1,508/year
  • Design & Technol. Support of Machine-Building Production USD 1,508/year
  • Computer Science and Engineering USD 1,508/year
  • Information Systems and Technologies USD 1,508/year
  • Applied Informatics USD 1,508/year
  • Business Informatics USD 1380/year
Law, Management and Economics
  • Economics USD 1,278/year
  • Management USD 1,278/year
  • State and Municipal Administration USD 1,278/year
  • Jurisprudence USD 1,278/year
Specialist Degree
  • Construction of Unique Buildings and Structures USD 1,508/year
  • Applied Geodesy 1,928/year
  • Applied Geology 1,928/year
  • Geological Exploration Technologies 1,928/year
  • Oil and Gas Equipment and Technology 1,928/year
Postgraduate degree (MA)
Environmental Sciences, Engineering and IT
  • Ecology and Nature Management USD 1,597/year
  • Architecture USD 1,597/year
  • Construction USD 1,597/year
  • Informational Systems and Technologies USD 1,597/year
  • Heat Technology and Heat Power Engineering USD 1,597/year
  • Automation of Technical Processes and Production USD 1,597/year
  • Chemical Technology USD 1,597/year
  • Oil and Gas Business USD 2,049/year
  • Land Management and Cadasters USD 2,049/year
Law and Management
  • Economics USD 1,363/year
  • Management USD 1,363/year
  • State and Municipal Management USD 1,363/year
Research Degree
Environmental Sciences, Engineering, IT and Humanities
  • Chemical Sciences USD 1,520/year
  • Earth Sciences USD 1,520/year
  • Engineering and Construction Technologies USD 1,520/year
  • Informatics and Computer Engineering USD 1,520/year
  • Electrical and Heat Engineering USD 1,520/year
  • Mechanical Engineering USD 1,520/year
  • Industrial Ecology and Biotechnology USD 1,520/year
  • Geology, Exploration, and Development of Minerals USD 1,852/year
  • Economics USD 1,422/year
  • Education and Pedagogical Sciences USD 1,422/year
Grozny State Oil Technical University welcomes all foreign students.
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Grozny State Oil Technical University
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